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TrackR received national media coverage when they raised over $1,000,000 on Indiegogo for their innovative Bluetooth tracking device. Looking to capitalize on that success, TrackR began buying media internally in order to continue driving sales and brand awareness. They soon realized, however, that in order to take their online sales to the next level, they needed a strategic partner. TrackR partnered with GiddyUp to increase their sales volume, optimize their sales funnel, and raise their average sale order. GiddyUp immediately developed a robust marketing and optimization strategy that profitably opened up new online channels (such as email and display), improved every key sales funnel metric, and developed compelling bundle packages/ offers that significantly increased their revenue per transaction. The results speak for themselves. With the help of GiddyUp, TrackR is now the #1-selling Bluetooth tracking device in the U.S., and is poised to take over the International market as well. Over $2 Million Sales in 90 days purely on commission 40% Decrease Customer acquisition cost 100%+ Increase Website conversion rate “We constantly refer to GiddyUp as our ‘secret w

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